Happy Pink Cow 18th Birthday Party!


9/15/2018 6pm

 Happy Pink Cow 18th Birthday Party!

Wow! I can’t believe we are 18! I guess that makes us legal! 😂🎉🥂🎂🐄 Please come join the family herd and help us celebrate our 18th year and 4th location! We will have Special Guest musicians and a Jam after, all TBA. 

We need all our friends there to make it an epic night! 18 years is a long time to be alive so if you haven’t been to the cozy Akasaka space yet this is a great chance to check it out! Super easy to get to from exit #11 Tameike Sanno Station. Come early or late, we will be there from 6pm and go til the Cows Come Home!!! 

This will be just an open house style evening and Everyone welcome of course! Please come join us! 

FREE Entry! And a Free welcome Pink Cow Bday Cocktail Special to kick things off right! Come get some of our famous Pink Cow burritos and the best seats! Seating is super limited so will be for customers having dinner please. Drinks only bar & mingling. (NEW! Frozen Burrito & Enchilada Delivery right to your door, anywhere in Japan! www.shop.thepinkcow.com)